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    “Women & Nature – both are embodiment of selfless love and care” – A Mother gives birth to life with a life long commitment to nurture her child. Similarly Mother Nature is the source of life, in essence, implies protecting all life on earth. Hence, the objective of Nanhi Chhaan is to protect all essential sources of life: Save the Girl Child, Save the Environment

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    “The Circle of Life Begins with Protecting the Girl Child” - Female Foeticide is a heinous social menace that strikes at the very roots of our society. Nanhi Chhaan believes that protecting the girl child is a fundamental issue and ‘Women Empowerment’ is an important first step towards eradicating this menace. A concerned effort is being made to support women to become self-sufficient. This effort has become a movement today with support from all sections of society.



Women are the core entity for living as they have the godly power to create. However women role-play has taken a backseat and they have merely become fenders of basic needs. In India where goddesses are worshipped, women treatment has taken prudence as they are economically, socially and politically feeble owing to male dominated society. They face the harsh aspects of living in every aspect and gradually fade away each day in oblivion.

Nevertheless, there are numerous NGO's as well as government bodies taking large interest in women empowerment as they have realized that growth of nation to a large extent lies in making each individual strong, be it a man or a woman.

The stringent policies adopted by the organization are to make women realize their potential by making them more worldly wise, provisioning them with opportunities to become economically independent, educating them, tackling their domestic issues and most importantly working towards equalizing girl/boy ratio through abolition of abortion.